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Low VOC materials. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. Doesn't sound like something you want permeating the air you breathe, does it? As you've probably guessed, many VOCs can have long-term negative health effects. That's why Landmark uses only certified low-VOC building materials - paint, grout, carpets, pre-finished hardwood, everything. For your health, there's no other option. Low-VOC materials help prevent long-term health problems.
Hot Water. When hot water doesn't come out hot, it wastes your water and your time. Our tankless hot water heaters produce almost endless hot water. Once the taps are turned, they continually turn out up to five gallons per minute of hot water with no recovery time. That might sound like it takes a lot of energy, but its actually just the opposite. Landmark's tankless heaters are 50% more efficient than the industry-standard hot water tank, saving you huge on your heating bills. 50% more efficient tankless hot water heater.


Lower bills. You don’t notice energy efficiency until you receive your bill. Your high-efficiency tankless heater generates hot water, while a drain water heat recovery unit recaptures heat from shower water. Energy Star appliances minimize electricity use, while low-flow toilets, shower heads and faucets cut water use while maintaining good pressure. Smaller carbon footprint due to energy-conserving features.
Lower water bills. An average Phoenician uses 100 gallons of water per day (3,000 gallons per month). Landmark uses a number of water-saving devices in our homes that will conserve the amount of fresh water used. These include low-flow, high-efficiency toilets that use only 1.5 gallons per flush, low-flow shower heads with good water pressure and low-flow faucets in the kitchen and baths. Saving money by saving water.
Lower electricity bills. Included in our homes are Energy Star® appliances that are about 20% more efficient than non-rated appliances, programmable thermostats that help lower utility costs by lowering A/C while you’re away, and efficient light bulbs that use a fifth of the energy and are longer lasting than incandescents. 20% more efficient Energy Star® appliances.


Trust is good. Warranties are better. The quality of your home depends on the quality of your builder. With over 30 years of home building across North America, we’re one of the most trusted and respected builders. Of course, we back that up with a comprehensive warranty that protects your investment and guarantees our construction. If you have any issue, no matter how small, our after-sales service team will take care of you. Our after-sales service team will take care of you.

Giving Back

Giving back with every closing. With every Landmark Homes USA home closing, we donate to Care Fund. Care Fund keeps families in their homes while they care for their seriously ill or injured child by granting mortgage or rent to the families. Landmark Homes USA donates with every closing.

Our Vision

To be a major North American housing solutions provider recognized for sustainability and for leading a revolution in the industrialization of housing construction. We believe sustainable building is here to stay. Landmark's position for becoming a sustainable builder is not based on emotion, but on sound business principles, economics and progressive thinking. It's a responsible and conscious decision we've made to benefit everyone, including our own customers, communities and our planet.

It is the inevitable future path residential builders will follow as resources become more scarce and more expensive to procure.
Our responsible and conscious decision.
Our Founder. Inspired by Landmark founder and CEO, Reza Nasseri, Landmark Group is on a sustainability journey to the forefront of the residential building industry.

Reza believes quality homes are the heart of strong families. Through this core value we create stronger communities that improve our overall quality of life. Landmark's commitment to building sustainable communities focuses on educating, inspiring and motivating homeowners and other builders to make sustainability not just a priority - but a necessity.

If we leave our children a world which cannot sustain itself, then we are not only depriving them of what has been, but also what could have been.
Landmark founder and CEO, Reza Nasseri.

Our history.

February 1977 – Landmark Begins as Nasseri Construction: The Landmark Group of Builders rose from humble beginnings as Nasseri Construction in 1977. Today, we feature seven corporate brands that each build homes for a unique market segment. The Landmark Group of Builders completes about 1,000 new homes each year through our integrated operations in Canada (Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer) and the USA (Arizona).

February 1980 – Nasseri Construction Becomes Landmark Homes: Nasseri Construction became Landmark Homes in 1980 and focused on building smaller, single-family starter homes with detached garages in the Edmonton market. During the economic growth of the late 1980s, we expanded into building larger estate homes. As markets continued to shift, so did the needs and preferences of our buyers. In response to this shift, we began building duplexes and brought back detached garage homes to our product lines.

January 1992 – Landmark Builds Its First Multi-Family Development: In 1992, Landmark Homes built its first multi-family development called the Stratford.

January 1995 – Landmark Builds Its First House Of Hope: The first House of Hope was built in 1995 with all proceeds going to the University Hospital Foundation. We continue to support the University Hospital Foundation on an annual basis, in addition to several other organizations that benefit directly from the Landmark Cares program.

April 1996 – Landmark Enters The Calgary Market: In 1996, we entered the Calgary market under the banner of Landmark Homes (Calgary) Inc. We offer a wide range of housing options from townhomes to luxury estate homes in both suburban communities and Calgary’s Inner City.

January 1997 – The Landmark Cares Program Is Started: The Landmark Cares program was started in 1997 through a co-sponsored staff initiative to support foster children and a funding partnership for medical research with the University Hospital Foundation. Since its inception, the program has contributed over $9.2 million in cash and resources to medical research, educational programs, family services, children’s care and environmental initiatives.

January 2002 – Best Communities Is Created: Best Communities was created in 2002 to meet the growing demand for smaller starter homes. This company focuses on developing communities of town homes and duplexes with attached or detached garages, ranging in size from 1,100 – 1,500 sq ft, as well as developing new row housing designs.

January 2002 – Urban Landmarks Master Builder Inc.: Urban Landmarks Master Builder was formed in 2002 to focus on fulfilling growing demand for higher density multi-family homes. Urban Landmarks builds apartment-style condominiums and high rises with suites ranging from 700 – 3,500 sq ft, including luxury penthouse suites.

January 2003 – Summerhill Homes Inc.: In 2003, Summerhill Homes was created in order to specialize in starter to move-up single-family homes. These single-family homes with detached garages, along with duplexes, ranged from 1,100 – 1,500 sq ft.

January 2005 – Classic Landmarks Master Builder Inc.: The booming Alberta economy created the opportunity to return to our roots building semi-custom estate homes. Classic Landmarks was formed in 2005 to focus on the estate home market in the 2,500 sq ft range. In 2008, the company expanded their product line to include custom homes.

January 2007 – Landmark Group Launches Landmark Green: In 2007, the Landmark Group launched Landmark Green. The program forms the basis for our commitment to continually improve the sustainability of the homes we build and in our corporate operations. We recognize our corporate and personal responsibilities to constantly improve environmental performance in our methods of construction, the products we use and our business practices.

January 2007 – Landmark Homes Enters The Red Deer Market: In 2007, Landmark Homes (Red Deer) Inc. was established to serve the central Alberta market, building a variety of home styles with either detached or attached garages. Our Red Deer operation has quickly earned a reputation as a high quality builder in the true Landmark tradition.

January 2008 – Landmark Homes Receives J.D. Power Award: In 2008, Landmark Homes (Edmonton) Inc. received the most prestigious J.D. Power award for “highest customer satisfaction in the Edmonton Region.”

June 2012 – Emerald Award Winner: The Landmark Precision Building System (LPBS) is not only leading the home building process in Alberta, it’s transforming it. Through unique standardization processes, LPBS is building more energy efficient efficient homes, while leaving a vastley greener ecologocial footprint. Panelization of floors, walls, roofs and the construction of key components like stairs and fireplaces eliminate weeks from the building cycle. LPBS is home building – revolutionized. LPBS reduces greenhouse gas emissions by a incredible 6.21 tonnes/home. And, because each piece of wood used is value engineered, LPBS produces an incredible 58% less waste.

July 2012 – Net Zero Showhome Opens: In 2012, Landmark Group officially opened its first production-oriented Net Zero showhome in beautiful community of Cranston in SouthEast Calgary, Alberta. The Solex 2 generates clean, renewable energy from 52 solar photovoltaic roof panels. Annually, these generate enough energy to offset the energy use of the home – resulting in net zero. This high performance home is exceptionally energy efficient and features spray foam insulation in the exterior walls supplemented by a layer of rigid insulation on the outside of the sheathing. The use of triple-pane windows with low-E coating and argon gas filler maximize solar heat in the cold winter months and reflect inside heat back into circulation. The result is an extremely comfortable home that requires very little energy to heat or cool.

January 2014 – Landmark Enters The US Market: Landmark makes its debut in the United States with two upscale urban contemporary condominium communities in downtown Scottsdale, AZ.   Marketing under the banner of Landmark Homes USA, Inc., the company brings beauty, convenience, and  “Forward Livability” to the Phoenix market with city-centric housing solutions that connect residents to urban lifestyle amenities, just steps from their front door.

Recent Awards

2013 Winner fof the Globe Award for Corporate Environmental Excellence.

2013 Awards of Excellence in Housing for environmental excellence, various product design, and innovative idea/service.

2013 JD Power & Associates Builder of Excellence award.

2013 SAM award finalist for Green Home.